So, her I am writing yet another blog on personal finance/frugal living. I can tell you right now that I don’t plan on wearing the same dress all year, one of my idols from the Black Dress Project rocked that dress all year. Not going to happen. Even though I am in awe of every person that has done that. What makes my story compelling enough to read? It’s up to you, the reader to decide. I hope that my struggles, honesty, and quite frankly failures will resonate with you. I look forward to your encouragement and sending encouragement your way. So, what will I do with this blog?

  • Be honest as I can about my daily struggles
  • Try to include a daily accounting of expenditures with each post
  • Shop my closet as much as I can to avoid shopping elsewhere
  • Extend the shop my closet concept to other areas in the home (home supplies/etc) Basically, use what I have
  • Share ideas of how to live well on what you’ve got!

Thanks for reading me. Enjoy


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I am an obsessive foodie, but not self-righteous with it, love travel, meeting new people, helping you look good, and am freaked out by people who don't enjoying reading...something! Grab a Perrier, read my blog, feel free to drop me a line! Hope to hear from you soon.